Take measurments from the dog?

First of all you need a flexible centimeter. In the process of removing the measure, a centimeter should not be very loose or strongly clamp the body of your pet. Next, make sure that your dog is level and then the measurements will be accurate.

Attention! The measurements of the length of the back and chest girth are the most important!


  1. The length of the back (withers - tail)
  2. Girth of neck (collar)
  3. Chest circumference (behind the front paws)
  4. Waist circumference (in front of hind paws)
  5. Distance between front and rear legs
  6. Distance between forelegs
  7. Length of the front paws (from the floor to the spine)
  8. Length of hind legs (from floor to spine)
  9. Only for boys - the distance from the armpit of the front paw to the male organ.

Measles for hats and caps

    10.The distance between the ears
    11.Head circumference (centimeter is horizontal)
    12.Head circumference (centimeter is vertical)

Shoe Measurements

Just write us your dog's breed.

You just need to fill in the table "Order sewing" (only the digits are filled!) In the same above sequence. Be sure to indicate "Dog breed" and there, the model you have chosen (for example, ID 1200). Then click the "Send" button.
Attention! If you have any difficulties with the removal of measurements, you do not understand something, or doubt - feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Recommended: video-visual aid

"How to correctly take measurements from a dog?"

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Measles for hats and caps



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